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Terengganu International Islamic Art Festival 2012

Terengganu International Islamic Art Festival 2012

Date : 14–17 September 2012

Calligraphy Competition (International)
Download Application Form here

Calligraphy Competition (National)
Download Application Form here

Seminar : Calligraphy Applications In Urban & Architecture Contaxt

Workshop by World’s Calligraphy Masters:
1. Ms. Nuria Garcia Macep (Spain)
2. Mr. Shreen Abdel Halim (Egypt)
3. Mr. Adnan Sheikh Osman (Syria)

Terengganu International Islamic Art festival (TIIAF 2012) is a 4-day festival initiated by Taman Tamadun Islam Terengganu, Malaysia (Islamic Civilization Park) with the sole purpose of promoting Islamic Art. It is an extention of ‘Inspirasi Seni Khat’ 2011 which was previously organized and received overwhelming responds from local and abroad.

The TIIAF 2012, with the theme of “devotion to Islamic art” is expected to be the venue where value of Islamic calligraphy and its applications are promoted at the highest level. Apart from seminars workshop and competitions, which shall be conducted by world renowned calligraphers, the festival also features experimental khat-batik design demonstration, Islamic Musical shows and exposition of various Islamic Art product. It is an opportunity not to be missed not only to aspiring calligraphers but all who love Islamic Arts

For further information please contact:

TTI Management Sdn. Bhd, Taman Tamadun Islam, Pulau Wan Man, Lorong Panglima Perang, 21000 Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.

TEL : +6096278807
FAX : +6096309020.


Person In charge : MR. KHALIZAN MAHMUD (H/P: +6013-2626061) / MR. ZAFUAN (H/P: +6017-9305890)


  1. Nama peserta yg mnghantar borang ada dipaparkan dimana-mana?

  2. Assalmualaikum... senarai nama yang diterima untuk menyertai prtandingn dipaparkan dimana atau tiada senarai?

  3. i m n illuminator[decorative art]seen your site,i m happy to for promote the islamic art.i m a very small islamic artist.i'll send the my artwork photos.please see my facebook page ''mumtaz ali khan tonky''for seen my art work. thank you.


Mohammad Firdaus bin Mahadi

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